Screen capture of A palette of greens, yellow and orange. When the menu button is clicked, a full-screen orange menu slides into view.

Museum of Us

A new website for the Museum of Us in San Diego, designed by Rebecca Friedman. Built for speed, accessibility, and pleasant editing with Next.js and Sanity CMS.
A minimalist robot stands in front of three actors and a pickup truck in a brightly-lit gallery during a play.

A Robot Actor

Developed for Richard Maxwell's Paradiso, the robot delivers lines, visually tracks fellow actors, and generates a unique script during each performance. Paradiso was a NYT Critic's Pick.
Screen recording of an app-user creating a note containing a picture of a robot, then repositioning it within a square.

Shared Space

A minimal platform for collaborative visual research. No longer in use or development.
Screen recording of, a website where every letter appears onscreen one-by-one, as if being typed.

New York City Players

Typed-while-you-watch homepage for the New York City Players theater company. Designed by Scott Ponik.

Homunculus House

Simulated views and illumination for a house rolling downhill. Presented at the Portland2014 Biennial. 4-channel projected video, no sound.
Screenshot of a Target ad in which two models sit on a couch. All of their clothes have red dots on them, and those same items are visible in a shopping cart on the right side of the screen.


Frontend engineering at FuiszVideo, an ad publishing platform that used machine vision to make interactive videos.
Screenshot of, on the page for artist Hong-Kai Wang. Four columns present an artist bio, a stack of images from the artist's latest show, photos and text from an event they presented, and an image of their publication 'Violet Quartz', which has white text on a soft violet cover.


Website for a beloved Vancouver arts institution. Designed by Scott Ponik and Julie Peeters.
Closeup of a wall-hanging artwork composed from A group of flat, organically textured forms in various shades of blue.


Pictured above, Blue Sprue..., wood, epoxy clay, acrylic.