Zack R. Davis

I'm a software engineer with lots of experience building fast, fun, accessible user-interfaces. I've worked with data-intensive enterprise projects, startups, museums and theater companies.

Outside of work, I'm an artist and a gardener. I live in Portland, Oregon.

I'd love to hear from you:


Entity + Component + System

How I built a tiny little game in TypeScript on the ECS pattern.

Home Deep Learning

An ornate silver steam radiator
Tools and workflow for desktop-GPU training from the comfort of my MacBook.

Fonting with GANs

Learning the space of handwritten letters and numbers with PyTorch, then inverting to find the best match for each character.

Fonting with GANs #2

Building a weird text input with client-side generative glyphs.

Museum of Us

A new website for the Museum of Us in San Diego, designed by Rebecca Friedman. Built for speed, accessibility, and pleasant editing with Next.js and Sanity CMS.

A Robot Actor

Developed for Richard Maxwell’s Paradiso, the robot delivers lines, visually tracks fellow actors, and generates a unique script during each performance. Paradiso was a NYT Critic’s Pick.

New York City Players

Typed-while-you-watch homepage for the New York City Players theater company. Designed by Scott Ponik.

Homunculus House

Simulated views and illumination for a house rolling downhill. Presented at the Portland2014 Biennial. 4-channel projected video, no sound.


Website for a beloved Vancouver arts institution. Designed by Scott Ponik and Julie Peeters.